A little book about the big impact of Making it Home.†

We have produced a beautiful booklet to share aspects of the project not covered by the films -†

†† † † † † † † † † † † † ††† † † † † click here to read the booklet as a PDF.†

This book will act as a record of the project, charting the journey the women have taken from their first encounter with the poetry of Edwin Morgan, Jackie Kay and others, to their eventual transformation into fully-fledged independent filmmakers.† It includes some of the women's creative responses to both the poems and the film-making process -- journal entries, artworks, photographs, and poems written in response to our sessions.† The book could also act as a valuable creative resource for other groups who might be interested in exploring similar ideas.† Most of all, we hope it will provide a fascinating insight into what it means to 'make it home,' no matter where you come from or how you identify.

Very generous supporters helped us raise £1,000 towards booklet costs through the crowdfunding website Sponsume - thank you!†

The book's contents were wonderfully collated by Claire Askew and Jane McKie. Alan Lennon from Lennon Design††gave invaluable support and advice, as well as actually printing and delivering the beautiful booklets for us.†

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