How the films were made

The film-making were made between January and June 2013.

First of all participants divided into four film-making teams (two in Edinburgh, two in Glasgow). Each team selected one poem as the inspiration for their film. Poems were not only chosen on the basis of aesthetic or emotional preference: there were also important discussions about which poem had prompted the richest imagery and the strongest stories to tell during the previous poetry discussion workshops

Here are (drum roll...) 


Team "CHOICE" from Maryhill. 
Augusta, Edineth, Marzanna and Shamaila selected Ruth Padel's poem "Choice" as inspiration for their film.

Team "Come Home" from Maryhill
Ahlam, Ena, Mhurai, Mubina and Samira chose "The Shortest and Sweetest of Songs" by George Macdonald. 

The "Sweeties" team from Pilton
Stacey, Sheena and Elaine also decided on "The Shortest and Sweetest of Songs" by George Macdonald. 

The "Dream Team" from Pilton
Donna, Edith, Sharon and Vanessa chose Jackie Kay's "No. 115 Dreams". 



The film development process, in the extremely capable hands of Vilte and Catherine from Mediaco-op, was held over eight intense, demanding and rewarding weeks. Below is an overview of the sessions. 

Week 1 (14th & 18th January 2013)  - participants divided into teams and chose poems.

Week 2 (21st & 23rd January 2013)  - very practical introduction to four key film techniques.

Week 3 (28th & 30th January 2013)  - further exploration of techniques and visual ideas.

Week 4 (4th & 6th February 2013)    - developing storyboards for individual films.

Week 5 (18th & 20th February 2013) - further refinement of storyboards and techniques. 

Week 6 (25th & 27th February 2013) - signing off storyboards, lists of props, locations and crew.

Week 7 (4th & 6th February 2013)     - preparations for the Pitch Party.

Week 8 (15th February)                    - the much anticipated Pitch Party, in which all teams met 
                                                        in Pilton and pitched their films to each other.


The films were filmed between 25th March and 1st May. 


Vilte and Catherine barricaded themselves into their editing suite for the month of May, at the end of which the films were finished and ready to be released out into the world. 

At the "Rouchcut Party" on the 22nd May all teams saw the almost-finished films for the first time. Nobody had dry eyes by the end of the screening - the films are beautiful, and we were all amazed at the results of the past nine months' intense work. 

We hope you enjoy viewing the films as much as we enjoyed making them - and get in touch to let us know what you think!


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