What next?

"What happens next?" was a recurring question from audiences during Refugee Week. Here are some answers:

Films have been shown at a variety of film festivals and competitions, both in the UK and abroad. MOst recently they were shown at Document 11 and Africa in Motion in Glasgow. We have received some very positive comments, and intend to continue showing the films as much as possible. 

We have also been contacted by housing associations, government agencies and schools asking to use the films as educational resources. Our answer was "Yes - we would like to see this films used widely to inform as well as to delight, just let us know what you do with them so we can keep track!". Work continues to develop these ideas further. 

All the women have shared many ways in which they are already acting on the confidence and skills gained through the Making it Home project. Some have started access to work courses; some are giving awareness-raising talks about issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers; some have managed to resolve problems at their childrens' schools that they previously could not address. 

Participants have been asked to explore what future directions they want to take after Making it Home. The answers coming back from them range from "Volunteering for a homeless support organisation" to "doing a poetry reading course". These conversations will continue throughout July, and all project partners are committed to supporting participants in their applications to further learning, training and work opportunities.

Our priorities now are to support participants in their next steps, to promote the films through our various networks, and to work out how to take what we have learned forward into other projects. Watch this space! 

Please do get in touch with us with any more questions, suggestions or comments.

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